KE600 close loop vector control inverter
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KE600 is developed on the basic of KE300, with more powerful functions, fit for more complex applications. Integrated with close loop vector control, sensorless vector control, V/f control, torque control and soft start functions, KE600 has been widely applied in the applications which require high speed control accuracy, rapid torque response and high performance at low frequency, such as crane, lift, printing & packaging, winding, etc.

The features of the KE600 Series Close Loop Vector Control Inverter are as follows:


Strong extension ability

KE600 has strong extension ability,you can select the extension card according to your requirement: IO extension card,injection molding machine card,PG card,communication card.


Power MICNO host software

MICNO host computer software can support upload,download and real time display between KE600 and PC.


KE600 sensorless vector control inverter is widely used for applications as follows:




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