KE300A-01 solar water pump inverter
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In order to satisfy the demands of various pumping applications, the KE300A-01 series solar pump inverter adopts Max Power Point Tracking and proven motor drive technology to maximize power output from solar modules. Special for agriculture and forestry irrigation,desert control,grassland animal husbandry and domestic water supply.

Excellent Performance

1. Convert DC to AC power

KE300A-01 can convert the direct current generated by solar panels into alternating current to drive photovoltaic pumps.

2. Adjustable output frequency

It is capable of adjusting the output frequency automatically in line with the irradiation intensity.

3. Maximum Power Point Tracking function

Built-in with the MPPT (maximum power point tracking) function, so the photovoltaic pumping system can produce better power outputs to improve the working efficiency of pumps.


4.Fully automatic control, auto start in the morning, auto stop in the evening


5. Support various kinds of pumps

Both the surface mount and submersible pumps are compatible with the photovoltaic pumping system.


6. Remote monitor function

KE300A-01 have GPRS module in Optional that users can monitor the whole photovoltaic pumping system online at home or other place via our PC remote monitoring system. On the basis of user-defined curve, KE300A-01 can automatically calculate the present flow speed, flow per day, present power, total generation and more status parameters of the solar pumping system.


7. Complete protections

KE300A-01has designed with a wide range of protection functions such as water fulfill, dry run, low frequency, high voltage, short circuit, over heat, phase missing and more.



KE300A-01 solar pump inverter is widely used for applications as follows:

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