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Oil Pumping Unit

Petroleum is a very important resource for the modern society. It is primarily used for fuel oil and gasoline. Meanwhile, it is the ingredient of many chemistry products such as solution, fertilizer, and pesticide. The petroleum is deeply buried underground, which needs to be dug out by oil extraction machine. The common machine is beam oil pumping unit with low noise, smooth running, easy maintenance, and reliable performance.

■ Stable and reliable, adaptive to high and low temperature
■ Reduces the current impact to power grid
■ Improves the power factor
■ Adjustable stroke times of oil pumping


The pumping unit ground part consists of motor, reduction gearbox, walking beam and horse head. It uses the 4-rod structure to change the rotational movement of reduction gearbox to the up-down movement of walking beam, through the suck rod matched with subsurface pumping unit to complete the pumping task. The one reciprocating motion of the sucker rod is one jig frequency. In a single jig frequency, the weight counterbalance will also rotate a circle. The load speed of up stroke and down stroke needs to be adjusted alone. To reach the optimized oil extraction effect, the stroke times need to be amended according to the practice situation. As a result, the motion control of the oil pumping motor is the core of the equipment 


The power of the oil extraction motor is usually very high. With the soft start of the VFD, the start current can be reduced as well as the shock to the equipment. The VFD has the stepless speed control function. Times of the strokes can be set freely. Multi-speed function can control the speed of up strike and down stoke separately and improve the efficiency of the oil extraction. When the equipment is running, it can send feedback to the VFD to avoid the over voltage breakdown with the brake unit to make sure the stable performance of the equipment.. The VFD uses the RS485 to communicate with the upper machine, improving the integration and automation level; the system can be made to frequency conversion system so that it will not stop in maintenance.

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