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MICNO WON the Honor of 2018 China Top 10 Inverter Brands

In the "2018 China Top 10 Inverter Brands" network selection activity initiated by an authoritative website, MICNO has a good reputation with excellent quality and satisfied service and obtained a ranking of the top 10 most valuable brands in China inverter manufacturer.


After kinds of evaluation, the top 10 brands with outstanding quality and popularity are selected. These brands are a leader in the industrial automation field. They will share the successful experience,  establish the good industry standards, promote industry innovation and healthy development.


It proves the strength and potential that SHENZHEN MICNO ELECTRIC CO., LTD as one of the most valuable brands in china.


In the future, MICNO will bring more convenient and more high-quality products to the customers, and create a better future with you!


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