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Industry washing machine

Industrial washing machine uses motor as the power to drive the tank with the clothes in it for positive and negative rotation, with the mutual effect of the scrubbing solution and the clothes to make it clean. It is widely used in clothes factories, washing factories, hotels, hospitals, and companies.

■ Keeps high torque output 
■ Quick start and stop
■ Stable redirection and switch 
■ Reliable running and no stall

The industrial washing machine has the working process of water feeding, washing, rinsing, smoothing, and drying. In washing process, it runs with low frequency positive and negative rotation with the clothes and detergent in the tank. The torque of the restart load is big. After washing, it goes to the drying process. The exact process of drying includes low drying, middle drying and high drying. The clothes will do high speed centrifugal movement in the tank which separates water and detergent. At last the speed slows down and the washing and drying process is finished.

AC Drive is integrated with multi-point VF function, which can increase the start torque and ensure stable start speed; multi-speed running function has 16 sections of speed to meet the speed switch requirement of different phase with the combination of the external terminals. Dynamic braking is used to make the motor stop quickly and solve the system stall because of over voltage. The AC Drive supports RS485 to compose centralized-control system with upper machine, improving the integration and automation level.

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